Young, Dumb, and Broke — Reasons to Enjoy Youth

Young people may have it hard nowadays, but they still have youth on their side. That is why it is extremely important to enjoy being young. There are many good times up ahead! No matter what the grumpy old geezers say, it’s okay to be young!

You Don’t Have a Lot of Responsibilities Yet

One of the best things about youth is that you do not have a lot of responsibilities holding you down. You may have school or a part-time job that you have to do, but that is nothing compared to paying taxes, worrying about paying rent, having a full-time job, etc. 


With fewer responsibilities, you can have a lot of freedom to do what you want, as long as you are safe. You do not have to push yourself too much since you still have the future to look forward to. Look at your present, and the future will hopefully fall into place. Or at least you will have a bit of a better plan for it. 

You Will Experience Many ”Firsts”

There will be tons of firsts coming your way. Your first day at high school or college, or your first job. First lover, relationship, friend, etc. Your first drinking, first time driving. (Just do not ever drink and drive at the same time.)  

Some things will be bad. Maybe even causing emotional wounds. But, most of them will be good. As for the former, well, you can learn from them to become a better person. Enjoy your life, and do not be afraid. There are memories to be made and lessons to be learned on every corner. 

You Will Know Who Your True Friends Are

When you are young, it is a lot easier to make friends. This could be due to going to school together, being in the same club, or working with them at your part-time job. 


Making friends is easier than keeping them, though. This is where time can show you who your true friends are. However, when you grow up with your buddies, then your friendships will become better and stronger.

Your Summer Will Be Different if You’re Old

Summer or vacation time can be the best part of your youth. You do not have school to go to, meaning you can have a lot of fun. You can do a bunch of activities that you may not have the chance to do when you get older. 

Age affects people and often can slow them down. Plus, your youth is when you can find out what you like the most. When you get older, you just live your life differently, and you must be pickier about how you spend your free time. So it would be a great and wise idea to explore everything while you are young so that you do not miss out on the good stuff when you get older. 

You Get to Cultivate Fresh and New Ideas

Another thing that is great about youth is that you can come up with great, new ideas if you put your mind to them. Well, they will be new ideas for you, at least. Plus, you will have time to cultivate these ideas and let them/help them develop and grow. 

Have a game you want to make? Do it. Want to learn a new skill outside of school? Go for it. Your mind is ready and waiting to be developed and filled with knowledge and ideas for you to make/do/try. If you do not try, then it will be a waste since you will not know what the future holds. And, if it “fails,” you will do better next time.  

And you can also get creative when you are broke. Money does not have to lead to fun. Working out your limitations can be more exciting. A dumb idea is one that never happened, after all. 

Your Body Is Strong and Full of Energy

When you have youth on your side, it obviously means that your body is more flexible, active, and, more importantly, full of energy. This is why you can do a bunch of stuff and partake in activities without feeling tired. You can go to school, play sports, and then work without missing a beat. 

Furthermore, you are more likely to try something new when young since you have a lot of surplus energy that you want to let out. That can also include simple things like board games or video games. When you are young, you can be more productive even if you are just goofing around and having fun. 

You Cannot Go Back if You Miss Things Out

One of the biggest downsides of youth is that young people do not use it as well as they should. They miss out on stuff due to fear, uncertainty, etc. This can often lead to regrets later in life, which older people often warn them about. 

You may think you know it all, but older people have life experience, and they were young once. They have regrets about what they did not do. So learn from them and do as much as you can, while you can. The older you get, the more responsibility you will get and the less energy you will have. 

Do not waste your youth due to fear. Go for it — but be safe. Try new things. You may end up falling in love with them. It may lead you to something that you will end up loving, or it may help you meet new people that become your best friends.  

You Won’t Be Young for Long

Youth can pass you by without you noticing. While school work, part-time jobs, chores, etc., are important, remember that you are only young once. As cliché as it sounds, it is true. So have fun, be dumb, explore, experiment, and discover all the reasons to enjoy youth before your energy runs out. But, always stay safe!