4 Breathable Onesies To Match Your Personality

The closer to the birth of a child, the more parents worry about the upcoming purchases, especially about his first clothes. What and how to wear a newborn?

In the article how to choose winter onesie for a baby, the principle of layering clothes is already described, according to which children should be dressed in the cold so that they do not freeze, overheat and catch cold. It describes all types and technologies of the upper, third layer. But that is in direct contact with the body of the child, it will be discussed in this article.

Kids clothes

First of all, baby clothing should be safe. The skin of a newborn is about five times thinner than the skin of an adult. Up to four years she has no horny layer, which protects against the penetration of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that can cause skin diseases. Knowledge of the onesie properties and their correct choice will reduce the possibility of skin diseases and allergies. In addition, it is also recommended to make a habit of exposing baby’s mattress to blacklight to ensure that there are no foreign materials on it not visible to the naked eye.

The skin is the largest mass and surface area of the human body. The ratio of surface area to body weight of a newborn is three times the same ratio as an adult. Because of this, the child is much faster than an adult loses heat or overheats. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right clothes for the baby, in which his skin will breathe and keep the optimum body temperature.


The vest is a short shirt without a fastener, which is worn on a naked body and is smelled in front or behind. The baby is wrapped in it, which is much more convenient than putting clothes on over your head, especially on very small babies.

Such a shirt has received its name due to the superstition that, due to the ties on the clothes of the newborn, it can suffocate with active fiddling. Therefore, initially the vest existed without fasteners and strings, which is why it was often revealed, which brought it its name. Buttons on the fastener have already appeared on the modern vest, thanks to which it is no longer so revealed, but the name has been preserved. Many babies are very naughty when they wear blouses over their heads, so easy and quick wrapping of a newborn in a vest is her main advantage.

Most often cotton is used in their production, but the most suitable material is a mixture of silk and wool. It is softer and better wicking. Baby’s undershirts are made for babies from birth to three, and from three to six months, but by that time children are usually dressed in body jumpsuit onesies and T-shirts.


A very comfortable combination of t-shirts and adult onesies is called a body. Most often, the body is worn over the head and fastens on the buttons between the legs of the baby. His sleeve is long, short, or may be completely absent.

The advantage of the body is that the clothes will not come out of the sliders or pants, especially those onesies for most mobile babies, the back and the stomach will always be closed. The buttons that fasten the body are between the legs, so you can quickly change the diaper if necessary. There are body onesies, many can be seen at kigurumi.co, that need to be worn over the head or with fasteners in front. For convenience, some manufacturers make fasteners on the shoulder or sew the front and rear shelf on the shoulder parts with overlap, so that the neck is stretched more.

There are three kinds of this handy thing:

The body onesies is different from the others in that it is fastened with buttons in the middle or on the smell. This model is convenient because the body does not need to wear the baby over his head. This style is often referred to as a diaper body. Fasteners can be located on the side along the entire length from the neck to the leg. It is the most convenient, especially for novice parents who are just learning to deal with their firstborn. The baby just needs to be put on top of the opened body and buttoned. In this case, the baby does not worry and gradually gets used to frequent changes of clothes.

Body T-shirt:  In such a style, a wide, stretching neck is used to put it on over the head. This type of body is common in imported manufacturers. If the baby is not naughty when changing clothes, then this option of changing clothes will be very convenient for mothers.

Body golf was invented for the cold. It is distinguished from the usual body by a stand-up collar or a lapel under the neck, fastened on the bottom. On the body golf shoulder there are clasps for more comfortable and quick dressing of the child.

A body onesies with long sleeves made of unpainted silk-wool is the best option for a baby at any time of the year. For hot summer weather, you can choose a cotton or silk body onesies with a short sleeve or a sleeveless T-shirt.

Middle layer of clothing

The second layer of clothing is worn on top of baby clothes and diapers. Its main function is to keep warm. According to the principle of layering, it is the air that is between the layers of clothes and in them that heats up and maintains the temperature necessary for the baby. The more layers, the warmer the baby is. It is necessary to put on one layer of clothes more than on oneself on a child who is only in a stroller for a walk and does not move much. Conversely, if the baby is already walking, running and actively playing outdoor games on the street, they put it on one layer more easily than an adult.

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Clothes for the baby, in which the upper part and the pants are connected, are also called little man or slip. In addition to warm winter onesies, light wearers are very popular, in which the baby lies lying most of the time. This is indispensable clothes for the baby, in it he moves freely. Easily and quickly removed and worn, without causing the child discomfort, especially if the clasps are along the entire length of the front or rear. In choosing onesies for bedtime and for home, you can choose the usual knitwear, at a colder temperature.

You also need to ensure that the onesie is thick enough to make you feel comfortable. To know this, try to use a flashlight on it the way you are using flashlight on sleeping blanket to know its thickness. If the light passes through, it only means the material isn’t thick enough.

For walks on the street in the offseason, there are velor onesies with or without insulation. The onesies have one drawback: if the baby burped or wrote down, then you have to disguise the child completely, replace only the vest or the sliders will not work. It’s better that you know that before buying onesies as gifts.