Fortune Bracelets And Their Interesting Meaning

What are fortune bracelets and what do they mean? The fortune bracelet is one of the types of jewelry that was used by women in the ancient world. This accessory will always be popular and will not go out of fashion. The bracelet is designed to emphasize the elegance and thin lines of the hands and even the legs. It can be bundled with other decorations, as well as be present on its own, be a bright spot in the image about what bracelets are, as well as how to choose and wear them correctly, in our article today.

But bracelets differ not only in appearance, but also in the materials from which they are made. These can be precious metals gold, silver, jewelry, beads, beads popular several seasons ago, fabric or leather such are often found in ethnic or boho style.

In addition, all bracelets can be divided into 2 groups,

  1. A group of soft bracelets are handmade bracelets that are versatile and very comfortable to wear. This group includes woven bracelets, chain and glitter. Bracelets soft band can be worn on the foot. They are thin, delicate and more often suitable for owners of thin wrists and elongated hands, softer than bangle bracelets like the famous designer diamond bangle.
  2. A group of hard bracelets are bracelets that are mostly made on a machine tool from hard precious metals, alloys, wood and plastic. Models of hard bracelets look very elegant and refined. Tough band bracelets can be worn on the forearm. They are large and occupy three quarters of the wrist.

But this is not the last classification of bracelets. There are also various models,

  • The bezel is a round bracelet. May be closed and open. Nowadays, the use of several round bracelets connected with each other is often found. It is believed that the round shape of the model brings the luck of the owner, regardless of the material of the production of the bracelet. The only drawback of an open model is that it deforms when put on.
  • Bracelet chain – the most popular bracelet model for celebrities. It is made of such noble materials as silver or gold, but it can also be high-quality jewelry. It is very feminine and gentle model. This model of bracelets is used for wearing on the ankles of the legs.
  • Glider bracelet, this model is a combination of individual parts. The components of the bracelet are stones, plates of glass, beads, etc.
  • Handmade bracelet – bracelets made by hand from beads, leather, material, textiles, etc.
  • Tennis bracelet – round bracelet fitting wrist usually decorated with rhinestones, precious or semi-precious stones.

When choosing a bracelet, do not forget about your style and image. Bracelet is an accessory that should emphasize your taste and status. The question of the proper wearing of a bracelet is no less important than the question of choosing it.

How to wear bracelets correctly?

The variety of bracelets invariably leads to questions about how to properly wear them. After all, accessories are designed to complete the image. Therefore, we turn to the practical part, namely, to its use as an accessory in the image. But first, buy at

The latest trend in wearing bracelets is a combination of several accessories at once. History shows that such non-standard use of these accessories originates from the Gypsies, as well as seen in the culture of Egypt and Mesopotamia. But now, it is mostly seen being sold in bracelet-selling stores.

The most successful bracelet combinations are as follows

  • Tiered bracelets related to the boho style. Prominent representatives of such accessories are, leather bracelets, well-known braided baubles, wood, metal bracelets, antique decorated bracelets, and bracelets with pendant or pendant.
  • Wide bracelets of precious metal colors in ethnic style.
  • The combination of such accessories as a bracelet and a watch has almost become classic, it has attracted fashionable women so much that it is used everywhere and always. This version of the kit is really good. One of the tips in the selection of watches and bracelets is the use of the simplest option, namely the selection of a bracelet to watch based on a particular style.

If your watches are voluminous or even look like men’s watches, then an excellent solution would be to combine them with a bracelet of geometric shapes, coarse spikes or bracelets with metal pendants. To facilitate the process of combining watches and bracelets, you can simply look at the watch strap, what material it is made of, and choose a bracelet based on it. Such a set will be exactly harmonious.

Here is a Cosmopolitan article which gives tips so your jewelries/bracelets don’t look cheap.

There is an option even easier to find an already made set of watches and bracelets. This move is already actively used by watch manufacturers. Typically, these wrist watches with long straps bracelets allow making a few turns.

Another trend is the combination of the color of the bracelet and the color of nail polish. This option greatly simplifies the process of making a set using a bracelet. For example, there is a varnish of unusual color, with what to wear it? That’s the solution, we wear a bracelet under the color of lacquer and a bright accent in the image is ready. If several bracelets are used, it is not necessary that they all match the color of the lacquer, it is enough that one of them be in the same color range.